RUKAVIPA FOUNDATION is a public charitable trust founded on September 5, 1992. The trust is dedicated to the cause of Indian classical Music and other charitable purposes.

The trust has been organizing various activities such as lecture-demonstrations, public concerts, seminars, workshops etc. to fulfill its objectives.

The trust has created an archive of digitally restored audio recordings of the vocalists of Agra Gharana comprising of more than 150 Ragas and over 500 compositions.

This website, regularly updated, is to give the world a view of the majesty of Hindustani classical music, its traditions, specially related to the Agra Gharana. A collection of unique music is available for listening pleasure and can be acquired for private use. (contact us) 

On this occassion the trustees would like to remember the founder trustee of RUKAVIPA FOUNDATION Late Shri Madhusudan B. Patel (please click on ‘Obituary’) – a disciple of Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan, an ardent lover of music and especially of Agra Gharana.

We would like to thank the musicians of Agra Gharana and their family members and all of you for your support and appreciation.



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